How To Stop WordPress Self Pingback

How To Stop WordPress Self PingbackPingback is a great feature which enables two blogs to communicate when they interlinks their posts. Before describing how to stop self pingback I would like to give a brief introduction how pingback works with an example

  • There is a blog A with a post P-REFERENCE.
  • There is another blog B with a post P-REFERRER.
  • The author of blog B’s post P-REFERRER linked to the blog A’s post P-REFERENCE.
  • This linking from blog B automatically sends a notification to blog A in its comments section which is called pingback.

Pingback are used to let know the author of the post if his post is linked by some other blog-post. You can think pingback as a notification of remote comment.

It is ok till pingback is coming from other blogs which simply helps to find which blogs are linking to your posts. But when blog authors link post within their own blog, WordPress sends self pingback. For some authors who likes self pingback, it is the way to know how blog posts are internally linked. On the other hand most of the blog authors find self pingback annoying.

Following are the two ways by which you can prevent self pingback:

Using Relative URL While Linking

While linking to a post you are presented with the fully qualified URL by the WordPress as

you can change the URL into relative URL by removing the part of it till domain name as shown below


Though using relative URL works to help prevent self pingback but the relative links will only work within the blog but not outside of it. For example if these links are pasted in to an email message will not work. You should be careful about this issue associated with relative URL.

Using “No Self Ping” Plugin

The other way you can stop self pingback is by using “No Self Ping” plugin by Michael D. Adams. You can install “No Self Ping” plugin from your WordPress dashboard by clicking Plugins -> Add New and typing “No Self Ping” in the search box and then clicking the install link.

No Self Ping

You can also download “No Self Ping” from its website.

If you have any other ideas to disable self pingback, please share using comments. If you find this article useful, do consider sharing it.

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