Google Reader Will Be No More After July 1, 2013

Yesterday March 13, 2013 Google had announced powering down Google Reader on Google Official Blog. Google Reader will not be available after July 01, 2013. It is in continuation of Google’s spring cleaning which was started in September 2011 to remove products from Google catalogue which they consider do not worth continuation.

Google Reader Will Be No More

The present list of products other than Google Reader to be plugged off by Google include AppsScript, CalDAV API, Google Building Maker, Google Cloud Connect, Google Voice App for Blackberry, Search API for Shopping and Snapseed Desktop for Macintosh and Windows.

Google Reader is one of it’s kind browser-based RSS feed reader. To the lovers of Google Reader announcement of plug off is a setback. Google reader is very popular in blogging community to get updates from fellow blogs. After the announcement Twitter is flooded with tweets and petition to save Google Reader.

Google Reader was conceptualized by Jason Shellen to take care of XML RSS feeds from within the browser. Google Reader was launched in year 2005 as Google Lab product and later in year 2007 became the mainstream product of Google. Over the period Google Reader was enriched with social features where people were able to share stories among friends.

It was after the launch of Google+ in year 2011, social features are moved from Google Reader to Google+ and it was the time when Google Reader started to see decline in popularity.

The reason given by Google behind the plug off is declining popularity of Google Reader and Google’s focus to put all of it’s energy into fewer products.

Google has announced the delayed power off and given 3 months time to Google Reader user to switch to another XML RSS feed reader. Google Readers also has the option to save Reader data and subscription with Google Takeout.

Though people all over the globe requesting Google to stop this plug off. If Google would continue it’s Reader services I would be one of the happy person. But if it does not happen get ready to move on to alternate XML RSS feed reader.

Fingers crossed till July 1, 2013 and hope for the best.

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