How To Quick Start With Google Adwords

Google AdwordsThere I talk a lot about keyword research, CTR, PPC Marketing and so on, but haven’t written anything about creating Google AdWords account and starting with it. If you are new to Google AdWords and trying to find how to jump-start with Google AdWords then it is the post for you.

Before anything else you need to have a Google Account. If you do not have your Google account then go to to create you account.

Once you have your Google Account ready, follow below mentioned simple steps to start with Google AdWords.


Follow the link and it will take you to the screen as shown below:

AdWords Quick Start Step-1

Google AdWords Quick Start STEP-1

Enter your Google account email address and your website in the relative text-boxes. If you wish to get regular tips on AdWords and participate in new surveys from Google then click on respective check boxes. Click the Continue button.


After completing the step-1 and clicking on the Continue button you will see the following screen:

Google AdWords Quick Start STEP-2

Google AdWords Quick Start STEP-2

The email address entered in the previous step will get automatically populated in Email text-box, here you need to enter your Google account password to proceed setting up AdWords account. Click on the Sign in button.


After completing step-2 and clicking on the Sign in button will lead you to the following screen:

Google AdWords Quick Start STEP-2

Google AdWords Quick Start STEP-3

Now you are ready to create your first Google AdWords campaign. Here you will have many options that you can configure based on your advertising need and quickly create your first AdWords ad. I will explain the options shown in the above screen in the steps following.


First, you need to tell Google how much you wish to spend on daily basis. To give this information click on the Your budget tab and it will expand itself as shown in the following screen:

AdWords Quick Start Step-4

AdWords Quick Start Step-4

Here you need to select your currency and the average amount you wish to spend on daily basis. You need to be careful while selecting currency because you cannot change the currency in future, though you can always change the amount to any value you wish. When you are done with the currency choice and amount per day click on the Save button.


After completing the budget section we need to choose target audience. Expand the Locations tab under Choose a target audience section. After clicking Locations tab it will expand as shown in the below screen:

AdWords Quick Start Step-5

AdWords Quick Start Step-5

Here you need to select geographic location you wish to target for your ad campaign. You can choose from among the default location options or specify location by yourself with the help of advance search option.

This option gives you the flexibility to choose target location and as well as to exclude some locations which you do not wish to be the part of your ad campaign.

Do not forget to click Save button after making your location preferences.


After completing the step-5 by choosing desired target location, you need to tell Google about your preferred Ad Network . To select ad network  click on the Networks tab to expand it. Expanded Network tab will look like the following screen:

AdWords Quick Start Step-6

AdWords Quick Start Step-6

Google search network is by default chosen as the ad display network, but you can optionally  choose Display Network.

If you are not sure whether you should choose display network or not, my recommendation is to have it be the part of your campaign until you are very sure to not to have it. Google will do it’s best to show your ad with the best matching content on Google content sites.

After making your ad network choice click on the Save button.


In this step you need to select keywords/key-phrases for which you wish to display your ad. To enter keywords of your choice you need to expand Keywords tab by clicking it. After expanding Keywords tab you will see screen similar to the following one:

AdWords Quick Start Step-7

AdWords Quick Start Step-7

Enter you chosen keywords and add them for your campaign. Google per-populates some keywords for you, if you do not find them relevant to your campaign then remove them and add your keywords choice instead.

Click on the Save button after adding keywords of your choice.


With step-7 you have successfully chosen the target audience for you AdWords ad campaign. Now it is the time to set the bid price for your campaign. To set bid click on the Bid tab and expand it as shown below:

AdWords Quick Start Step-8

AdWords Quick Start Step-8

If you do not know much about bidding as of now, it is recommended to select Automatic Bidding where Google will take care for setting bid price to get most clicks within your specified budget.

But if you want to control bidding yourself then choose the option “I’ll set my bids manually” and specify your bid amount.

Whatever you select/enter at this stage can be changed in future as and when you want. Click on the Save button when you are finished with bidding.


Now it is the time to create your ad. Click on the Text Ad tab to expand it. Expended Text Ad tab will look like as the following screen:

AdWords Quick Start Step-9

AdWords Quick Start Step-9

Here you need to mention the landing page URL for your ad, ad header, web link and ad text.

When you will update ad information, simultaneously your ad preview will get updated on the right hand side, and you will be able to see how your ad will look like while your ad campaign is running. After completing your ad do not forget to click on the Save button to keep your hard work.

Ad creation is itself a deep topic to comprehend, which I will discuss in my upcoming post. Stay connected!

Now you have completed designing your first campaign. To proceed further you need to click Save and continue button on the bottom left of the page.


In this step you need to provide basic information that will be needed to set billing configuration. The screen to set basic billing preferences will look like following image:

AdWords Quick Start Step-10

AdWords Quick Start Step-10

After selecting country and time-zone click on the Save and continue to proceed further.


In this step a summary of all your configuration will be shown to you as in the below image:

AdWords Quick Start Step-11

AdWords Quick Start Step-11

Review all the information carefully, if you find anything which needs to be corrected then click on the Go Back button and correct the same. If you are okay with the information, click on the Finish and create campaign button to complete your quick start with Google AdWords.

After successful sign-up with Google AdWords you will see following screen of confirmation:

AdWords Quick Start Step-12

AdWords Quick Start Step-12

Congratulations! you have successfully completed the Google AdWords sign-up. Now you can read more information from the link resources for new advertisers or directly jump to your account by clicking to Take me to my account button and jump-start with your Google AdWords campaign.

Though for some of you managing AdWords campaign may be somewhat overwhelming and complicated, but my suggestion is to start learning more about Google AdWords and you will be slowly able to solve the puzzle.

Keep reading my posts for AdWords updates, I will surely help to solve AdWords puzzle. Please speak your mind using comments and share the post if you like it.

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  1. I am currently not using adwords for my website but i am planing to use. Your post has explained it in a simple way….

  2. Google adwords is a good method to do publicity for your website but problem is that it is costly for beginners….

    • Yes, you are right to some extent but if you compare AdWords with other forms of advertising what you will get is better customer targeting with good ROI.

  3. Great guide to quick start with google adsense. Thanks for sharing .. I just thinking to promote my website through google adwords. This post help me very much

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for that tip by choosing another country. Was trying to transfer a scrap AdWords account to another G account so the original can get MCC access, but couldn’t because of this stupid Get Started feature.

  5. My suggestion if you are developing any business then go for adwords. If you are a blogger or newly developed website then my suggestion pls don’t go for google adwords because through adwords you could get traffic but you may not get regular traffic. once you stop using adwords then your site will not get any additional credits from google search engine. Your site is considered as a just another site.

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