PPC Keyword Research: Know Your Multiple Meaning Keywords Before Getting Surprised

PPC Keyword Research: Know Your Multiple Meaning Keywords Before Getting SurprisedThough I had touched the topic of multiple meaning keywords in my earlier post How To Target Explicit Keywords, but I think this topic needs a little deeper discussion and thus I am here again to write a small post about it.

When you choose those most obvious keywords related to your product for the PPC campaign, you are most of the time sure about the keyword’s ability to target right audiences. Few of your selected keywords may have multiple meanings associated with them based on the cultural and geographical differences.

Apart from cultural and geographical differences, there are cases when a keyword  targets two or more entirely different dimensions of product categories. And all those categories represents valid meaning of the keyword irrespective of the culture and geography you are targeting PPC advertising for.

A good example of such keyword is “buy pipes” which can represent surgical pipes, drainage pipes, smoking pipes and so on. None of the interpretation of the keyword “buy pipes” is wrong, but your PPC ad may not reach to right target audiences with such a keyword.

Searches on such multiple meaning keywords could lead high search volume but the percentage of your potential customers may be very low, and in such a case you should better drop the keyword from your PPC campaign. Try a more qualifying keyword around those dropped generalized keyword. These new more qualified keywords can attract potential customers efficiently and will surely improve ROI.

The best remedy to keep yourself away from any such surprise after burning your money in the PPC campaign is to do organic search for the keywords in your campaign. If organic search results shows unrelated products or topics away from your business then it is a signal to do more research and find right keywords.

Organic search results are your best friend while finding keywords for PPC campaign, because it is the organic search result on which your ad needs to fit for the correct keyword.

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